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The Mediation Process:

Divorce is painful enough; it doesn’t have to be made far worse with a costly and painful court battle. Mediation is essentially an easier, cost-effective, and non-aggressive alternate to divorce litigation. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that helps resolve the issues involved in ending a marriage.


During mediation the following is discussed:

  • The couple’s finances
  • Parenting time, and the most feasible parenting solution is worked out
  • Each party’s interests and needs are taken into consideration


Rather than focusing on the stress and expense of litigation in a courtroom adversity, mediation allows the couple to participate in the process of problem-solving. Usually, couples who choose mediation are always so pleased that they did. Working together with a mediator is dignified, more peaceful and often ends in far less anger and frustration.

The Mediation Process with Early Family Law

At Early Family Law, the goal is to help couples end their marriages and move on with their lives at a fraction of the cost of a typical litigated divorce using proven mediation techniques and strategies. 


As a New York divorce mediator, Latonia Early-Hubelbank, Esq. at Early Family Law believes that divorce mediation offers a better way to end a marriage because it minimizes the emotional and financial strain that often comes with other types of divorce proceedings, such as contested/uncontested divorce. As a divorce mediator, Latonia’s goals are always to keep the divorce proceeding from becoming adversarial and to ensure the process is relatively quick, inexpensive, and less stressful on all the parties involved, including the children.


During mediation, Early Family Law focuses on:

  • Your family and your relationships with each other
  • Your family finances
  • The long-term well-being of you, your spouse, and your children

Our Divorce Mediation Techniques and Strategies

The divorce mediation techniques and strategies at Early Family Law will keep the focus on resolving your issues, rather than escalating the tensions and bitterness that often become a part of typical court proceedings.


Latonia’s mediation process is geared towards communication and understanding between the parties while best positioning them to move forward with their lives. Latonia helps guide her clients without taking sides or imposing any decisions upon either party. She promotes honest and open discussions between the spouses about the important issues that need to be resolved in order to move on with their lives.


Latonia guides the parties in a way so they can find common ground and encourages them to work together to find the best solutions for both. As a trained, experienced, and neutral mediator professional, Latonia is able to resolve issues involved in ending a marriage – respectfully and peacefully.

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